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    Our Vision for Learning Foundation and Performing Arts schools is to provide a well rounded, rigorous academic environment combined with a dynamic performing arts program that exposes each child, K-12, to the arts.  LFPA sets high standards in order to prepare our students to become lifelong learners who lead productive and successful lives.

      To this end, our Mission is devoted to scholarly learning and inspiring performing arts that embrace our entire community.  We strive to take our students to the highest level of personal academic achievement and fine arts accomplishment by basing our instructional system on research, standards, and best practice in both areas.  Through curriculum and methods of delivery in academic content areas, we will impart the academic skills that will be required of our students for success in life.  Through our curriculum in fine arts, we will impart self-esteem, self discipline, cooperation, self-motivation and social skills necessary for success in life.

      I assisted in starting one of the first Charter Schools in Arizona in 1995.  I am a businesswoman with over 20 years of expertise in charter school management.  My experience, dedication, excellent staff and Highly Qualified teachers have created the perfect balance in establishing and maintaining the Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools.


Executive Director


School Information / Hours / Tours

>>All four of our schools are open for tours<< **Alta Mesa Campus K-8:  480-807-1100** (AdvancEd / NCA accredited) ---5761 E. Brown Rd., Mesa--- School hours 8:30-3:35, office hours 8:00-4:30 **Gilbert Campus 7-12:  480-635-9400** (AdvancEd / NCA accredited) ---4055 E. Warner Rd., Gilbert--- School hours 8:15-2:50, office hours 8:00-4:30 **Stapley Campus"Back to Basics" K-6:  480-834-6202** ---851 N. Stapley Dr., Mesa--- School hours 7:55-3:00, office hours 7:30-4:00 **Warner Campus K-6:  480-248-8025 ---3939 E. Warner Rd., Gilbert--- School hours 8:30-2:50, office hours 8:00-4:30 -If you are looking for a safe, family friendly school to enroll your child where academics are rigorous and performing arts are part of the curriculum, please feel free to

“Charter Schools Facilitate Cultural Work”  Essay by Rebekah Douglas

View essay as written with photos by Rebekah Douglas, LFPA Paraprofessional:  Public charter schools are major cultural workers in Arizona. These schools are a hot and controversial topic throughout the United States and Arizona has developed a reputation for being included in this conversation. Being such a broad and multi-faceted subject, I would like to focus on one school in particular. This school, although small, exemplifies how charter schools have the potential to move away from the one-size-fits-all educational approach and toward a more individualized education. Through this approach, a culture is created that strengthens the student in their personal journey of self-discovery, encouraging creativity and a personal identity, and producing strong individuals ready to face

LFPA Gilbert 2016 Boys Basketball State Champions

The LFPA varsity boys basketball team ended the regular season with an 11-3 record.  The team won four straight post-season games to walk away with the CAA Division I state championship.  Also, the MVP trophy was awarded to the LFPA team's top scoring player. The team hopes to continue this success next year with all current players returning to LFPA to play for at least one more year.

Performing Arts Classes at LFPA Schools

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools in Mesa and Gilbert offer performance classes and productions that involve students in grades from Kindergarten through high school, LFPA Gilbert 7-12 offers classes in 3 levels of dance, musical theater, drama, stagecraft, voice, orchestra, musical


YOUR DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ANY TIME OF YEAR! IT'S SO EASY! Just download the tax credit form below to donate to your child's school and receive your money back in the form of a tax credit. You can receive a credit of up to a maximum of $200 (if single) or $400 (if married and filing jointly). We

LFPA Alta Mesa Striving for Academic Excellence

Continuous School Improvement:  Our team consistently reviews, develops, and refines LFPA Alta Mesa's school improvement goals. We are always thriving to prepare every student to be college and career ready. Our school improvement plan is aimed at measurable goals that will help raise student

LFPA Alta Mesa Reach-Out Volunteer Program

Taking part in our "Reach-Out Volunteer Program" LFPA elementary students visited the Citadel Nursing Home on two occasions r as part of their involvement in the community volunteer program. Kindergarten and 1st grade students  visit the Citadel Nursing Home to teach the dance moves they've

Student’s Enter Poems for Anti-Bullying Program

Student’s Entered Poems for LFPA Alta Mesa Anti-Bullying Program. To view some of the student's poems click on the poems below this letter. LFPA has committed to each student’s success by creating an atmosphere where students can learn in a safe environment that is free of discrimination,


7-12 Learning Foundation

Performing Arts Gilbert

4055 E. Warner Rd., Gilbert AZ 85296
(480) 635-9400

K-8 Learning Foundation

Performing Arts Alta Mesa

5761 E Brown Rd., Mesa AZ 85205
(480) 807-1100

"K-6 Learning Foundation"

851 N. Stapley, Mesa 480-834-6202

"K-6 LFPA Warner"

3939 E. Warner, Gilbert 480-248-8025